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Thank you for visiting our online presentation.

We are a family run business with a strong comunal sense. You are dealing with only one person but provide work for a whole comunity.

Over many years I have aquired skills stretching from landscaping, tree trunc removal to tree felling and even fire wood cutting.

We clear sites and remove alien vegeation. The scale of our work covers landscaping in private gardens to removal of entire forests for farmers and municipalities alike.



Tree Felling
This is our core business. We are professionals and will ensure a clean cutting job and removal of branches with minimal impact on your property.

You can rely on our immaculate safety record. Tree felling and working with chainsaws require skill and training. We do not take short-cuts on safety.

Price worthiness
We are a small efficient team of local wood cutters with many years of experience and low overheads. to give you the best quote possible